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Nergiz Cable was founded in 1980 as a family company in Istanbul and operates in the cable and elevator industry. It continues its journey as one of the leading companies in the sector in the domestic and international markets with its vision, which has adopted the principle of adding value to itself, and its mission that has adopted customer satisfaction.   Today, Nergiz Kablo, which specializes in the production of H05VVH6-F Flat Flexible Elevator Cable with its technological infrastructure, besides the production of standard PVC elevator cable, is also producing special flat flexible elevator cables integrated CAT6 for internet and IP cameras, RG6/K6 (Coaxial) cable for analog camera system (CCTV), Shielded twisted cable for ...





30 countries including UK, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Egypt, Malta, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Uruguay, Chile, Panama, Vietnam. we exported the elevator cables.


As Nergiz Cable, Lift 2006/2008/2010 Milan Italy, Interlift 2007/2013/2015 Augsburg / Germany, EXPO 08 Mumbai / India, Lift Expo Moscova / Russia, Dubai elevator 2015, Interlift 2017 Ausburg / Germany, 13 times to Istanbul elevator fair We attended. We have been carrying you to the top safely for 39 years.


Our company has been manufacturing flexible cables for elevators since 1995. In the last 20 years we have specialized in the production of HO5VVH6-F flat flexible cable. Our monthly capacity for flat flexible control cables is 300,000 meters. We also produce special elevator cable on demand.

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