NERGIZ Cable which has been in cable sector since 1980 has been manufacturing power cables for indoor usage .
And at the last 15 years we have been specialized on the production of low and medium voltage flat flexible control cable which is used in elevators.
In NERGIZ Cable factory,the cables that you will see in this web site required specially by customers have been designed,manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 50214 standard.

Beside being proved by TSE(Turkey standards institute),top quality of our products has been proved by our customers satisfaction. We have sold H05VVH6-F flat flexible cables for elevators to Italy, Greece, Spain,Poland,Bulgaria,Serbia,Romania,Slovakia,Macedonia,Malta,United Kingdom,Czech Republic,Kuwait,UAE(Dubai),Iran,Iraq,Egypt,Bangladesh,Saudi Arabia,India,Georgia,Uruguay,Chile,Venezuela,Vietnam, Jordan,Malta,England,Netherlands, Sweden,Russia, Croatia,Ukraine and South Africa Republic.

This web site is prepared to give you detailed information about our products . We are a reliable partner in the field of H05VVH6-F flat flexible medium and low voltage cables . We have Saso,Rohs IS0 9001,EN 50214,CE declaration certifications. We can send cd, printed catalog, samples to any interested companies.

The electricity that surrounds our life in every direction,
With Nergiz Cable you have 100% control ...